funny pictures

Today our cousins showed us their pictures of their trip to France, there were some funny picture of snow men I would like to share with you ...

This is our home town

don't wanna say where, we wanna be like the Smurfs

nobody knows where their village is :)

My cousin Z made this little snow man he's so cute

isn't he adorable?
They found this big guy in Megeve
it was made by other people
they went shopping then they came back to the snow man and did this to him :)

this one looks so stupid with his long ears, it makes me laugh when ever I see it


stella said…
واي شكله حده عجيب وناسه وايددددد
stella said…
شنو بنت خالتج zتحجبج
Anonymous said…
This is the cutest thing i'v seen today, all day !
Anonymous said…
no ma t7ajibat Z, hathe ekhet'ha N ele masketa

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