By Malene Birger Boutique - Marina Mall

I haven’t seen a lovely window like this in Kuwait from a long time, So creative (click to enlarge) notice the belt? The bag? The bracelets? They are all made of cardboard paper. ohh and not to mention the heads, I love them all, I felt the urge of buying every piece the manikins had on.

When I got in the boutique, I was surrounded by colors, don’t know where to start, then while I was walking, a bright yellow neon color shoes were calling me “ come, come my dear, try me” and I did try them , offffff they were so comfortable, I want,"saleswomen? how much?”, she replied 156 KD, “nooooooooooooo it’s too much” for a pair of shoes from By Malene Birger !!!!! I jut bought a celine cheaper than these !!!!! can’t buy them, if they were like 60 or 70 ok I might think of buying them, but I know myself a color like this, I can’t wear it all the time.


Anonymous said…
color like this no one should wear them ever hehehehhehe

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