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Pictures and comments - in Lebanon

did you know that Ashti in Solidaire has a cafe on the last floor ?
I have tried the mille feuille, did not like it
it is good but not for me, it tasted more like an Arabic dessert
desserts like these I call them grown up desserts

Mum loved her Apple tart

Neon is killing me

Loved the tree with pink flowers

For dinner a friend of ours recommended this place for us in Jumaiza called La Parilla, but when we got there the waiter did not welcome us in, because we did not have reservations and all tables were booked. I hate when that happens, how did we forgot to call????
So we ended up going to Paul I had a crab Salad, really goooood and a Mozzarella sandwich, don't know why!!! a sandwich for dinner I ate half of it, it was huge

The quest of finding Melissa

"Thank you for placing your order with Browns.

Unfortunately we have sold out of the item you ordered. This is due to a high demand for this product along with a few problems on our stock system and we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused by this." I don't believe it, this is not happening, I am tired of looking for these shoes. It's my mistake, I wrote about these in January and advised people to buy them immediately and I forgot about myself. I've looked in Kuwait, they told me that they did not arrive yet, and I'm sure once they do they will disappear in a second. I asked my brother to look for them in London, but they were sold out in 5 different stores and here in Lebanon, no sizes. So I've lost hope of ever finding them. Last night I was surprised to find them in Browns online and placed my order feeling so happy that i found the color I want. but to my bad luck I have received this email above from them, telling me it is sold out :( mo ma…

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Last night we went to see "Confessions of a Shopaholic" it was cute and funny, a girly movie. If you want a movie with expected chain of events go to this one.

Snow day - in Lebanon

The weather was perfect today to go to Faraya, it took us nearly an hour to reach there, of course I slept all the way
you see people in the parking lot getting ready to wear their ski equipments

didn't thought we would find this much people on a Thursday

My sister and I wanted to try skiing for the first time in our lives (with a trainer of course)

they gave us snow suits, gloves, hats and boots. we looked ridiculous in them, we kept taking pictures of ourselves and laugh at one another

my booty
Walking in ski boots is really really hard, I felt like an old women walking slowly
here is our trainer, Elie

It wasn't easy wearing these ski blades (or what ever they call them) we are like penguins walking with these things.
uhhh that was fun, going up in the telephrique, it's so peaceful up there and cold too, the biggest mistake is we forgot to take our sunglasses, the wind kept blowing in our faces and the sun was too bright that we can't open our eyes
Breath taking scene it …

Pictures and comments

Loved these shoes (marc by marc jacobs) decided to go back home and order the yellow ones I posted about in december but they turned out to be a different model.
I like the name of this street, specially when the Lebanese pronounce it (surso')
flowers on the way

The red cross building looks so messy and old they are the ones who need help

I thought we are going to find new stuff at Sara's bag:(

Neon :)

The ceiling of an elevetor

in Lebanon they always have a scary old building...

that has a nice looking small shops in it this is Nada Zeineth shop, she sells beutiful accessories Tel: 01-448156
I bought these earrings from there

We went to chocolate Milano, the melted chocolate (hot chocolate) we were looking forward to, is not that good, and tasted more hazelnut than chocolate, this is what my sister said, she is the one who tryed it. I had a small chocolate cake that has a little bit of coffee flavour with vanilla ice cream, I liked the ice cream more.

Me like

and at the end of the d…

No power

I just found out that my laptop charger doesn't fit in Lebanon's sockets :(""" I was planning to watch gossip girl and a movie

We have arrived

Our trip to Beirut was very comfortable (Middle East Airlines), on the way we watched a movie called "The Women" starring Meg Ryan and Annette Bening, it is a typical movie, a women who finds out that her husband is having an affair, but what I liked is the idea of doing a whole film without having a single man appear in a scene, that was clever, you don't get to see the husband and you don't get to hear his voice, either he calls or you hear people talk about him. You won't even find a man at the back of a scene passing by, none. After we landed we head to the hotel, changed our clothes ate in the hotel restaurant then went to Solidaire, We were exhausted, we just got to Aishti and to couple of boutiques and that's it.
While we were walking we found this shop called "Chocolate Milano", sadly it was closed.enshallah tomorrow we will come and check it out, we saw a chocolate shoot machine, that, I wanna try ... yummmmmy.

We are on vacation

My sister and I are leaving to Beirut in the afternoon My parents will meet us there don't know if we have Internet connection over there I'm taking the laptop with me source of picture

Hadeya Station

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOHadeya Stationhas won best design in P2BK event

LV's look a like


louis vuitton

By Malene Birger Boutique - Marina Mall

I haven’t seen a lovely window like this in Kuwait from a long time, So creative (click to enlarge) notice the belt? The bag? The bracelets? They are all made of cardboard paper. ohh and not to mention the heads, I love them all, I felt the urge of buying every piece the manikins had on.

When I got in the boutique, I was surrounded by colors, don’t know where to start, then while I was walking, a bright yellow neon color shoes were calling me “ come, come my dear, try me” and I did try them , offffff they were so comfortable, I want,"saleswomen? how much?”, she replied 156 KD, “nooooooooooooo it’s too much” for a pair of shoes from By Malene Birger!!!!! I jut bought a celine cheaper than these !!!!! can’t buy them, if they were like 60 or 70 ok I might think of buying them, but I know myself a color like this, I can’t wear it all the time.

Today I am proud to be Kuwaiti

Today is the day we were waiting for,the P2BK event. Remember when I told you we had a project? and I'm going to show you the pictures later on ? well here they are...

We did the chandelier and the 2 round trees part of the decoration for our friends booth Hadeya Station. I did the chandelier and my sister did the trees, I was so happy to see everything set together, they look so cool. I'm sure you can't see what they are made of exactly, but enshallah tomorrow I will show you more close up picture (the making of). They are made of little presents, inspired by the name Hadeya (which in English means a present or a gift).
If you noticed the carpet it resembles a PC keyboard and the screen on top of it is a Plasma TV. Why a PC? because you use it to shop online, and this is basically what they do. Hadeya station is an online shop for unique, trendy and creative gifts that are sorted by several categorizations to assist you in choosing the perfect gift.
F Squared Design, Faisal…