Pasta Salad

I'm sure you are now looking at the picture and saying to yourself "where is the pasta?" right? well I ate it all, but they were like 6 pieces only, the rest is all rocket. I could not believe it, I dug in looking for some more inside but none was found, I couldn't finish it, I couldn't eat plain rocket, even the cheese was not enough. Beware don't order pasta salad from second cup. bad experience :(


kAiKa-MGroMa said…
يعلهم ما يربحون

خوش دقه

Unknown said…
is that second cup the one opposite to KSE?? i once ordered an artichoke salad alla wkeelik kellaha artichoke!! lawwa3at chabdi estaghfer alla.. now i dont order from them! khallich 3ala bonjourno YUMMY! o hallah hallah eb coffee republich ;)

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