My shoes

Someone bought my shoes :('''''''''''
Today I went to the avenues to find that someone had bought size 37.5
why ??? why my size?
36 is there
37 also there
and 38 too


Unknown said…
e5thay 38 oo 76ay na3la !

oo 3alech bl 3afya =)
kAiKa-MGroMa said…
جنه اللي شاريته متعمده تحرج
Anonymous said…
DoDoq8 said…
lool maybe some one read the blog and went to by it :**

which shop in avnuise this ??
joy said…
ma7ad galich 7i66eeeh

chan shareeteeh awal ba3deen u post about it!!!!!!!!11
sun shine said…
مومقسوملج الظاهر خيرها بغيرها
Me Blogging said…
fakart bes ma yesla7 7ag hal joti akhaf a6ee7

kaika magroma:
ee wallha

it's in phase 2 infront of Patchi and semsunita, if you know where those are

adri ana ghal6ana kitabt 3ana..malat 3alay

sun shine:
enshalah alga ebmokan thani ana 3indi amal :)

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