Today is season 5 premiere of lost
I am really lost this time
the only thing I remember from last season's episode is....ohhh wait maybe some of you didn't see season 4, so I can't say anything.Anyways prepare your PCs and laptops for download


Anonymous said…
Mn wain u download? Plz write the link!
joy said…
اتصدقين صح السيزن الاخير مر مرور الكرماء ما اذكر اشياء واضحة صارت فيه!!!!
شنو يدل هذا
Me Blogging said…

yedel ena el7alga baykha ya3ni? :/
Anonymous said…
still waiting....its a 3 hour show today, 1 hour of clips and 2 episodes back to back....
Anonymous said…
why sawyer pic do u like sawyer?
my favorite character is Desmond :)
frortdrum said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
but Ana Lucia was mu #1 damn u Michael
Me Blogging said…
yes it is
and still now I'm downloading
I wanna see it yesterday but I fell asleep on my laptop

I love them all
I just put Sawyer for a change
Me Blogging said…
waiiiiii3 tawni a3aref mino Ana Lucia
I hate her
I'm glad they killed her
fatto said…
ليل حين ماشفته الحين بشوف الحلقات الي فاتتني :)

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