The Long Friday

On Friday my friends and I decided to have breakfast at Prime and Toast (next to burger hub) maybe this is my first breakfast ever, OK I eat breakfast but only at work or if we are traveling, but on a Friday (sleeping day) never.

It was fun, there were lots of people sitting outside, we thought it was little bit windy so we sat in. I had french toast ... yummy (wish I had 2) one of my friends ordered omelet and the other one order a Mexican thing I don't know it's name.

After that we want to our family gathering and in the afternoon we decided to go to Al-Zomoruda, where Villa Moda have their old stuff on sale there (up to 90%). My family just wanted to see the place and leave, I wanted to stay more and examine each and every garment ,they got dizzy from all the decoration inside Al-Zumoruda. I bought earrings that look like bones - picture below - and when I got home and wore them my ears started itching that I had to take them off :(

After that we went to the Lounge in Al-bidi3 had some coffee and got back home. I slept, maybe for 1 hour, got up at 10 with my laptop in hand and sat next to mum checking out what's new in all online shops. ordered some stuff and went crazy over some, below...

you can find them all in Browns . after that I wanted to watch Lost but the download did not finish, so I decided to watch it online , although I hate watching Lost online because I don't want to miss the detail but I just can't wait. Finished watching it at 3 am , got lost as usual and went to sleep.
The end.


fatto said…
الالوان اتشششوووق .. مال اشتريهم وحطهم ابداري .. لأن داري الي ابيت اهلي نفس اللون :) لووول

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