Jon and Kate plus 8

My sister and I can't stop watching this documentary about a man and his wife who had twin girls and decided to get pregnant for a third child and got six instead (sextuplets) 3 girls and 3 boys.

I remember seeing them first on Oprah talking about how they decided to film their lives, but never thought of buying the DVDs from Amazon until we saw one episode of the show in Hong Kong. We got season 1 and 2 season 3 is not out yet. Unfortunately the ones we have are only 2 DVD's and we are trying as hard as we can to hold our selves from watching them all . The kids are sooo cute and funny, even their parents are funny on the way they handle things. you have to see them.

watch a part of the show Link


joy said…
no n ono no no no

u must be my sister
am sure u r ????????//

am watching it tooo
and ur like saying things gabel esbooo3 am telling my sister
joy said…
bas ma tegethech mertah
la3na obo 5ames rayelha o kela mo 3ajebha

ana 3ogob kel 7alga mefter rassy
3ogob astaw3eb leesh!!
sun shine said…
اي شفت يحطونه في دسكفري الصراحه الله يعينه انا عندي وحده و اسمله عليها مطلعه عيني شلون 8 و دقه ؟؟؟
TruTh said…
شفت هالعايلة مرة في برنامج مارثا
كانوا اليهال تقريبا توهم مولودين
و الام كانت واااايد احلى من الحين حتى تحسَّفت ان عيالها محد طالع عليها لكن الحين احس شكلها تغير
مسكينة الله يعينها على المسؤولية و دوخة الراس!
Me Blogging said…
Joy come live with us :)
kil shay etsaweena nafsna, etkhar3een

and yes maskeen rayelha, bes ya7laila ma yegool shay...mo6ee3

sun shine+ Truth:
و لالالالاه ماكو خدامه بعد

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