It's late

I was planning to watch The Duchess today, but it's late right now and I better go to sleep, I have to make time for it tomorrow, I'm sooooooo looking forward to watch it.
My Italian exam today was different, not like before, it's a grown up exam now :) the fun part is I can write now, our teacher gave us a dictation at the beginning and I think I got it all right, the other part is all about past participle and stuff like that. Now we have 1 month off (thank god I really need a break) one of our class mate is going away for a training course outside Kuwait and we will begin level 6 when he comes back.


Anonymous said…
Good luck :)
frortdrum said…
شفت التريلر .. يمكن الإخراج حلو لاكن القصة ما عجبتني اعتقد انها مكررة
وحد تتزوج امير ما يحبها تحب واحد ثاني مو شي يديد
Me Blogging said…
مرت خالتي مدحته تقول الفلم يحر ، و أنا مشتهيه أحتر
Anonymous said…
if u were planning and its late to watch it then y tell us? lol :P
Me Blogging said…
don't know, wanted to share this with you. coz I hate it when I can't stay up late at night because I have work tomorrow

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