Handmade by my sister - part 1

I wish I can do stuff like my sister
this necklace is one of her latest creations
I would like to say she was inspired by Dries Van Noten
but she wasn't, she didn't see his necklace collection when she started making her's
I'm glad I can wear what ever she makes
Lucky me :)

Dries van noten necklace - fall 2008


Anonymous said…
It 's amazing :>
Anonymous said…
does she sell them ?
Me Blogging said…
she always thinks about selling
but she is afraid to do it...she works only when she is inspired
never for business thats why she is scared to try

how much do u think this necklace worth if u wanna but it?
Noor said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Noor said…
Mashalla good job:) it looks really nice
تصويرج حلو ..لج مستقبل باهر اختج اتفنتج بشغلات يدويه وانتي اتفنتجين بالتصوير
حلو ..وحبيت شغلها

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