Golden Globes 2009

what's up with the ugly gowns this year?? like why christina applegate wearing this hideous yellow dress? or Eva with that simple red dress , you can do better than that!! uhhh and I hate Cameron Diaz's and Penelope Cruz's hair, it looks like they did it themselves. (click picture to enlarge)

The only dress that I liked was worn by a British actress named Kate Beckinsale (never heard of her) created by Gilles mendel .

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Purplecious said…
yeah i was disappointed too!

Kate's dress is amazing!

do you know Pearl Harbor? she was the in that movie with Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett
Me Blogging said…
yah I know pearl harbor, but I don't remember her.I have to look for her in youtube. The only thing I remember is when they bomed the harbor, that was SCARY
Unknown said…
i luved Eva mendez's dress too!

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