The gift

I'm the worst person when it comes to gifts, always late... always have ideas that I wanna do and have no time to do them. My friend gave birth to her baby boy like a month ago and I didn't give her a gift. I bought everything I need all I have to do now is wrap it, so on Saturday I stayed home and forced my self to finish what I have in mind, and thankfully I did, see the result :)
When my friends give birth I always get them something for the baby, but this time I decided to do something for the mummy since this is my friend's third child, and I called it (spoil yourself) and below is what's inside these wrapping...
I wrote (Queen Mai) on the bath robe
I loved this one, made it in Jabriya (Fayasil center)

I'm glad you liked the gift Mai :)


joy said…
i adored it
so nice
so simple the wrapping
and the basket zara home;)
Anonymous said…
yay 3alaich joy
yes zara home :)
DoDoq8 said…
خووش افكااار

وين صاير فيصل سنتر بالجابريه ؟؟

شفت شي فووشي كسر عيني :**
B said…
Hi, i love the pink bootie, where did ypu get that from?
Unknown said…
amaaaaaazing mashallaaaaaaa.. u did a great job ;)
master said…
عاد انا ما أعرف أوصف
وره مستشفى مبارك يم مدرسه صبيان (الله العالم شنو إسمها) تلقين خياييط في مكان إسمه فياصل أكيد أمج تعرفه ، سإليها

from mark and spencer

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