Digital Magazine

If you are a person who can't wait for a magazine to be out in news stands, then you will love Zinio, it's where you can subscribe to your favourite magazines and get them the moment they are out by downloading them, and that is what a Digital Magazine means. and the fun part is you don't have to pay 5 KD for an issue, it's going to cost you as low as 3 KD for 12 issues...yes only 3KD, isn't that amazing? some of them cost more but not more than 10KD for 12 issues.

I'm now subscribed to a bunch of fashion and decor magazines, like Bazaar, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Marie Clair, Elle decor and metropolitan. you can find all sort of titles, business,food and cooking, computers and lots lots more.


joy said…
مو شي حلاته اتصفحين المجلة واتشققين صفحاتها
وبالصالون شنسوي؟
Anonymous said…
send us a copy of the digital magazine , no need to subscribe ( cheaper) :)

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