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Cruising in Villa Moda

Today we went to Villa Moda (free zone) to check out their Cruise collection, nothing much, most of the things they have we already saw in Hong Kong, but what we didn't see are Bottega Veneta's Cruise collection uhhhhhhhhh the colors of their bags and shoes are so fresh, I went crazy over them, I was like a baby grabbing every single bag in the shop and telling my mum and sister ...
ME: mum look I want this (picture above, but the XXL size)
Mum: Meeeeeeee noooo, you have 3 bags from this style
ME: no I don't, my sister has 2 and I bought mine like 1000 years ago
Mum+sis. : look for another style
then I took another blue bag (dark blue) and looked at myself in the mirror (picture below)
ME: ohh no no this is an old lady bag, totally not me, I wanna buy something

ME: look !
pointing to a bunch of bags with a new style
ME: they are amazing, ohh I love these cowboy bags
sis: they are called cowboy bags??
looking at them with a big smile I said: no :) I just called them that coz they look like cowboy clothes to me (picture below)

I didn't even ask about their price coz I know they will be expensive, I check them out on their web site and as expected, they are 1000 KD and more.
Mum: lets just go
ME: no no not yet , wait I have to find something I need ...ohh yes yes I need a wallet hah:)
sis: no you don't
ME: yes I want this lovely green wallet (picture below but bigger size)
sis: it looks exactly like your old wallet and in green too
ME: mine was dark green not bright like this one
sis: I'm tired , mum let's just go
and they left , I kept on searching for something to buy, I just can't go without having something from this wonderful collection.....

Look what I ended up with (picture below), a small bracelet, price tag: 33 KD I love it :) I was going to buy another one in blue but I decided to try this one first, coz I'm famous for buying accessories and never wearing them.

On our way out I took a fragrance called number 7, the sales women said it was a mixer done by shaikh Majed Al-Sabah (khaltah - Arabic perfume). people who knows about this stuff might not feel something special about it, but since I have zero information about these things It smelled wonderful. price tag : 35KD

The strange thing is they placed it in a box that looks like a mango box you find in vegetable market !!!! why is that?

anyways they have a web site called the fragrance kitchen loved the name, but unfortunately there is nothing on the site. hmmmm maybe they will sell online when it starts running???

Gucci has some new stuff nothing appealing, Prada received their Jewelery collection nice , saw them in Hong Kong, marni didn't receive anything yet, also dries van noten. dolce? we didn't get in, and miu miu we didn't get in also... don't know what they have.

Source of picture: all taken from Bottega Veneta web site, except or last 3 shoot by me.


kAiKa-MGroMa said…



i love your mother and your sister

thkarteni eb nafsi kla 7ayra b3omri

joy said…
ياشقووول متى رايحة انا رحت قبل يومين وشفت الكولكشن وغلطتي رايحة مع امي
وزفتني بهدلتني يم الريال بوشنب اشقر اللي مادري اشأصله
يبيع هناك
الالوان بدعت فيني
واي واي
ابي وحدة شيشتيني بروووح بس بدوون امي
كلما خذيت شي قالت هذي نفس جنطتج واخر شي باخذ بوك جان تقوول نفس بوج بس غيرتي الللون

الامهات يفكروون نفس الشي
اخر شي خذيت خاتم من ايف سان لوران
joy said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Me Blogging said…
kaika magroma :
7abetech el 3afya

أمس رايحه
وااي لأ إنتي نفس حالتي :)

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