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you have to see it

Yesterday I went to see Sherlock Holmes in 360-mall cinema. I booked in the VIP screen, which was my first experience in there and it was amaaaaazing. I loved the seatings; and how I can lift my legs up and lay back in the chair (mal kanbal). I also loved the space were you could go out without bothering anyone. the only strange thing is, they were not serving food inside the theater; I have been told that they do that at the Avenues theaters. However, that wasn't a big problem, maybe it is better this way, so we don't get to smell food inside. I'm definitely going there again. As for the movie It was GREAT I loved Robert Downey junior (Holmes) and the expressions he does with his face, he is so funny. I was surprised to see Jude Law in the movie, I love him too, so it was a perfect match for me. I also was surprised to know that Guy Ritchie is the director (Madonna's Ex Husband). Sherlock is kind of similar to (Snach) another movie directed by Guy, one of my favorites.


وحده داقه تلفون ، ردت عليها بنت صغيره   المرأه للبنت: ممكن أكلم الوالده؟   البنت: ما عندنا وحده والده بالبيت   الحوار سمعته بالراديو ، يتكلمون عن جيل اليوم و شلون إن ما قاموا يفهمون هذي الكلمات

spike up your life

Dress by Ashish

Welcome my friend

Welcome My pink msg to the world of blogging you have some interesting stuff to share with us Good Luck


McFancy is a temporary McDonald's store that launches at fashion weeks around the globe. This concept is not realized yet, it's an envision of an agency called Access. McFancy food is the creation of Amy Moss, the project will be unveiled in 2010. For more info click here

Crime of Fashion

My favorite TV show Law and Order is featured in Harper's Bazaar November 2009 issue

Wang's bag look a like

Above Alexander Wang's bag Below is Zara's - 15 KD

DIY: Rihanna's Sunglasses

Remember the post I wrote about Rihanna's sunglasses? well my cousin Z fell in love with these glasses and decided to make one for herself for a party she attended couple of days ago. The theme of the party was (Opening of a club), so basically they were suppose to be like celebrities out clubbing. Below is her creation... Guess what she used as spikes? Pen tips Isn't that creative?


The Syrian artist Sara Shamma is showing her paintings now at 360 mall, will be there until the 17th of December 2009 more info. pictures were taken from Sara Shamma's website

Yo Sushi

Opening soon at 360 mall

Melting chocolate

Chocolate seems to be dripping from the walls and ceiling. This is Godiva store in Japan. Read more

I have a crush on ...

a new blogger called The Blonde Salad

I found Jane's boots

Just the other day, I was checking my favorite blog Sea of Shoes and I saw Jane wearing these lovely boots by BCBG (picture below) I searched the web for them but couldn't find them. to my surprise, I found them today at The ShoeBox store at the Avenues phase 2 (next to Reiss store), they look great, but when I put them on, ohhh no no no, I can't walk in them, they feel like skating boots, I can't bend my feet to walk. I always tolerate pain for the sake of fashion, but this time, NO CAN DO, they were expensive too, 199 KD. first picture taken from Jane's blog Sea of shoes

Mum told me ...

Mum told me that 2 new boutiques are now open at the avenues phase 2, Tara Jarmon and Antik Batik , both are in front of Reiss store ( il mukan el mad3oos, ele ma7ad yero7la, yam Samsonite) Unfortunately, my mum doesn't know how to use her camera phone, so I have no pictures of the boutiques to share them with you.

Go grey

My new colors of nail polish for this season, both by Essie, got them from (Miss One) salon in Qurtoba.

Fashion Must Have

A new online boutique based in Kuwait selling celebrity's favorite fashion must have's! All their designers are not available in Kuwait, so they are totally unique. Link

The feet shoes

Keds Lace up by Carly Margolis, $60 Link

Fly me away

Vivienne Westwood Platform Wedge Price: 120 pound - available at My Wardrobe

Octium Jewelry

The new jewelry boutique Octium Jewelry in 360 mall - Kuwait is featured in the cool hunter web site Link The boutique is designed by the talented Spanish designer Jaime Hayon

P.F. Change's is now open

The American Chinese cuisine P.F. Change's is now open at The Avenues next to Lenotre restaurant Tel: 22581980


I missed it :( REUSE is a 3-day exhibition hosted by Zain at The Avenues, Parking Lot D9, from the 7th to the 9th of December. whereby community members come together to recreate innovative design solutions in the realms of shelters, furniture, sculpture, artwork and more from scrap found around and about Kuwait. Lin k while I was getting out of The Avenues parking I hear music!! where is it coming from??!! did I left my iPod on??? no, it seems that it's coming from outside... I opened the window and there was it, a Boda Barish kind of music, coming out from a huge tent in the parking (picture above) Then I realized it was the Reuse 3.0 exhibition I didn't have time to go in, I just took some pictures (3al mashi) loved the grass and bean bags on the ground (picture above) Notice that white arch on the left? I think it is made of plastic bottles. the lighting looks so cool along with the music I wish if someone had took better pictures than mine, I really would love to see wha

She scared me

First switch your audio on, then ... Click here Victoria Beckham appears in net-a-porter

Al-Fanar Christmas Decoration

Ebda3ati Event

Below are some pictures of Ebda3ati Event in Movenpick Hotel - Free Trade Zone Velvet cup Noonish Monster Energy Drinks Midget Burgers Below is their contact information... Pictures taken by cousin Z GmbH