Don't buy the Disney digital cameras, remember when I posted about them last week? My uncle's wife bought one for her boy and it was a rip off, the cam. looks cute from the front but when you turn it's back you find a tiny screen that you can't see a thing from it not just because it's small no it's dark, there are things moving but you don't know what to point at !!! and the resolution sucks, the mobiles camera is better than it.

see the screen is the size of my thumb nail


ga6oo6a said…
يمكن اهي مسوينها لستعمال اليهالو بس جذي فسق ....

شفتها بامريكا على كل الشخصيات "ينفرسل ستديو " بس ما عجبتني ...

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