third day in HK

AHHH what a day
where do I start

ohh yes yesterday I bought the camera from IFC mall, It's the XSi model, but here they call it 450D, my pictures suck, I should take a training course once I come back (as if I have time), there are no colors in them. any way IFC mall is a huge huge mall, actually any mall you go to in HK is huge. they have everything in here, so many boutiques, like for example there are 3 Marni shops in HK till now, and in Milano they have only one ..imagine. Today we went to a place called Kawloon (I hope I spelled it right) we tried to find their local brands over there in the mall but we got tired and decided to come back tomorrow, one of the sales women told us their local brands mostly are in the street(can't remember the name of the street) we will see what we can find. Today we used the subway, it was a new thing to us coz we never went into a subway before, that was fun, we looked silly not knowing how to purchase our tickets and enter the station.

Till now we didn't eat in a Chinese restaurant although we love to try one very much but non of them looks good, and even if there is a good looking restaurant they serve weired stuff.

ohh yah Official magazines are out now (the fashion magazine of 2009 summer collection) I bought the 3 of them accessories, Milano and Paris wohooooooooooooooooooo they are very hard to find. I also bought some Chinese and Taiwanese magazines searching for their brands and style...I'm gonna look in those when get back up to our room

We are planning to go sight seeing tomorrow in the morning and then go back to Kawloon

ta ta and sorry for any spelling mistake
see ya 2-mo-row


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