THANK GOD no one was in there

you won't believe what just happened ... while I was drying my hair in my room I heard my dad's voice in the living room going louder and loader so I closed the blow dryer to hear what was he saying then I heard something fell down hard and then the sound got stronger, like something is exploding or like the ceiling is falling down . My dad opened the door on me telling me everything is alright. What was happening?? why is he telling me that!!!!??? when I went out with the rest of the family we saw this in the bathroom...

The glass door of our shower has fallen down

nobody knows why

we think it might be because of the metal handles that is holding the door was pressuring the glass, so that's why it exploded. Or it just fell and broke

Imagine if someone was there at the time, Allhamdila

My sister look at me and said: look at yourself, your face is white, were you that scared?

I replied : yahhh the sound was too loud I didn't know what was that!!!


Noor said…
weeeeeh allah 7afathkum bas la7tha how in the world did the glass shatter chethy? faja chethy enkesar?
Unknown said…
خطاج السو
الحمد الله على كل حال و الحمد الله انه ما كان احد داخل الدوش
Matrix said…
خطاكم السو والحمدالله على سلامتكم

السالفه يبيلها تفسير علمي وحسب معلوماتي المتواضعه يمكن الزجاج تمدد عقب شور دافي وطويل قبل ما السالفه لا تصير ، والزجاج انكسر لانه الاطار المعدني ما خلاه يتمدد على راحته،اشرايج بتفسيري
DoDoq8 said…
امبيه شسالقه الشور

ذيك اليم عيال خالتي 3 صغار كانو يتسبحون

انكسر واهما فيه بس الله ستر الاصابات بسيطه

وخطاكم السو
joy said…
لا اله اللا الله
اقرو البقرة اببيتكم والله الحافظ

انا كش شعر ينمبي
Me Blogging said…
cafe au lait:
I think because of the fall...we really don't know

ga6oo6a + matrix:
kha6ach elash
tafseerek sa7 bes ma7ad kan makheth shower gabelha
Anonymous said…
خطاكم السو والله حفظكم
Anonymous said…
اييب قشعريرة صراحه الزجاج و الحمدلله ع سلامتكم

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