We just got back home from dinner, and when we went into the house I saw a big box wrapped in yellow paper and pink ribbon my eyes popped out ... I went running to open it , screaming joyfully: it's for me , it's for me it's for my birthday.And my sister was like: your birthday is on the 5th not today!!!! Me: I know but maybe my friends want to make sure I get it before I leave to Hong Kong. And I was friends from my old work (I used to work in the government sector) are the ones who sent it...thank you thank you thank you all. I ripped off the wrapping the moment I saw HP sign from under it...It is the perfect gift, I really wanted a printer coz I'm thinking of buying a desktop any time soon.
thanx again guys you really made my day


fatto said…
تستاهلين يالغاليه .. وكل عام ونتي بخير مره ثانيه

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