My cousin told me that Wataniya will start selling sidekick mobile very soon, is that true? does anyone knows about this?
P.S: picture taken by me :) with my new cam. and lighting


Matrix said…
Very nice shot
U should have Flickr account :)
Anonymous said…
I was waiting for it too :'( you seemed to forgot about :P because it's a 2 years old post :P
I talked to my brother about it & he told me that wataniya could never get it cuz "T-Mobile m7takrena :/" so we have to have the whole company here in Kuwait to have the mobile :'(
I told him I want it can you buy an unlocked one from amazon ?? so he told me I'm not sure it'll work in kuwiat cuz it'll refuse the chip ''mine is zain" & if you get it you can't do anything with it but to call people & hang up :/ I was frustrated so I got an iPhone instead

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