second day in HK.

Hello guys
now I'm using the hotel PC, I thought there will be a wireless sevise in the room for free but there isn't, and I don't want to pay for 5 minutes, so there will be no pictures for have to wait for me untill I come back

Well everything is just wonderfull...we didn't go out from the hotel, all the luxury shops are here in the mall, where our hotel is in. Now I'm waiting for my family to come down so we will go out to see a mall called IFC. I'm thinking of buying a canon XSi camera, hope I'll find it over there.

it's not crowded as I thought it would be, and most of the shops have 40%. sale don't know why it's not 50%, the weather is a bit cold, I'm wearing a coat,just bought it yesterday from miu miu :)

I have to go now bye


JuVeNTiNa said…
are u staying in Conrad ??

i loved the hotel w had fun ib HK bs ma afakir aro7 laha again ..

awnaas shy disneyland its 30 min bil Taxi min il hotel ..

Go there :)

Have Fun w enjoy ur Miu Miu
Anonymous said…
كل عام وانتي بخير...ما اقدر ما اعايد عليج..تراني امر على مدونتج يوميا, بس أنا مو مالت تعليقات:p

Keep up the good work in updating us whats going on...whats hot either in fashion, travel, dining out, technology, music..etc...and for now Bon Voyage darling
Me Blogging said…
I don't think that we will go to disney body wants to ride anything.

o enta/entay ebkhair
thanx :)

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