screw earings

Ohhh my God
just what I was looking for, I wanted Cartier to do that since they have the Love collection, Ohh wait ... they have them,I just remembered that the sales women in Geneva boutique showed me a pictures of them and asked me if I wanted to order a pair but I was afraid they will look different from the photo. So should I order these? they cost like KD 55. Or should I make them here in Kuwait they will cost me maybe less, like KD 30 . If I wear them will they still be looking like screws??


joy said…
make them here
and make sure that who makes them is flexible that u tell him if u dont like them he remake them again
i can recomnd u someone if u like
Unknown said…
i think alfaris would do! 7ad omma kella yqallid ilmarkat :s

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