Paint party

Why don't we do a Paint party? where we all paint our faces with weired make-up and stick stuff in our face like feather or crystals, it would be fun to see what girls will come up with. Like what Galliano does in his shows, where you can't recognize the models from all the make-up. Let us try it someday let us be creative.


SOS! said…
I think you should have a Galliano inspired photoshoot!
xx-LJ from SOS!
joy said…
عاد انتي من زمان ابخاطرج
لا تنسين اتعزميننا
Me Blogging said…
SOS: yes I should

Joj: صدتيني :P
kAiKa-MGroMa said…

عاد انتي مجربه النجمه

واي ..اي حفله كانت انا معاج ..احب اليمعات والحفلات

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