Our Villa Moda Trip in Detail

We started off with Prada hoping that I will find my blue patent ruffled shoes, but there were no sign of them and never will be, all I found are similar ruffeled shoes but in suede. We went up stairs to have a look on their ready-to-wear...nothing and on our way down we saw a salesman hanging some Manish Arora dresses, so we went there to see them before we go to Marni and they were gorgeous, so colorful. I took 2 dresses to try them on.

Mum hated this dress that I chose

Specially the crying face on the shoulder jacket

I LOVED IT, it looks like an anime character

and look how detailed this dress is, she wouldn't let me buy it,I tried it on and unfortunately it was a bit tight , so she was happy to hear that when I told her
the other dress was fine... perfect fit and not too weird

Since I'm into neon colors these days, I bought this fuschia Zero Maria Cornejo dress (the color is so bright in reality) from the multi-brand section

I also tried on this mini black Dsquared dress, it might look simple at first glance but when you take a closer look ...

you can see that on the left side there is no zipper, you close the dress with these metal thingy showing in picture, of course it will be open on the side, so you have to think of a way to wear something under it, like another colored dress, silk perhaps, so you don't show alot of skin and look cheap

I even saw Charlotte Olympia shoes there, but they are not breathtaking as I thought they would be, they look nicer on the web, on top of that they hurt like hell. size 38 is too big and 37 is too tight.

hope you enjoyed our little trip.


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