Madonna for LV

Louis Vuitton has chosen Madonna to be the new face of their 2009 spring/summer collection. The images are already out, and I think it turned out to be pretty good, at first I thought WHAT !!! Madonna for LV nooooo way, she is totally not an LV face, but after seeing these Ad's I think stylists have turned her into a model, I liked the second Picture.
Source: fashionista


Anonymous said…
Wallah Nice Ads! Didnt expect it!
fatto said…
هاالانسانه تعجبني لأنهامهما اكبرت ماتعرفط :) لووول
fatto said…
وصج هذا اول تعليق لي عندج :) نسيت لاباركلج.. مبروك ماستر

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