In times square

I know you got sick of Hong Kong but I'm going to show you all the pictures I have. The torture begins...

This work of art is done by a Hong Kong born girl called Carrie Chau , the mall looks amazing I don't know what to shoot everything was beautiful, then a light started flashing ohhh nooooo my batteries are dying ... I went crazy, taking pictures of everything before the camera stops. Unfortunately there were more sculptures inside the mall I couldn't take pictures of , the ones you are seeing right now is only outside.


Unknown said…
walah shaja3tne ene azorha bs ana gayla ma abe ba3ad aro7 sharq asya :/

3ala fekra ana mn motab3ench el9amten ;x bl yom adsh yemken 3 marat or akther a7b mawa`6e3ch o motaba3tch lel mo`6a mn ayam fyonkat =)
Unknown said…
=) 7ada 7lw el mokan
Me Blogging said…
tara HK a7la ma feeha el soug , ya3ni wedi ared laha eb shahar 2 aw 3 bes 3ashan ashtere esaifi min hnak

wanasa ... edesheen 3 time :) I hope ene gad eltawago3at
Crochet Fun Hub said…
It has a life at least!
SOS! said…
The artwork is absolutly astonishing. Love it.

xx- LJ from SOS!

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