Hong Kong brands - Part 1

Got these from Hong Kong, the one with feathers is my sister's and the one with sequin is mine, they are very comfy and very cheap too , they cost like KD 15, maximum 20. I tried looking for the brand (Remarcello) online but I couldn't find it. I only found these 2 sites Santhai & most recent fashion and their pictures are lousy, you can't see anything. I'm gonna keep on looking .


Anonymous said…

3alich bel 3afia

the second one with "tartar" loool
i saw the same pattern in highheels

at zara and it looked chic to me and also it had a matching clutch

i suggest that u check them out and defiantly buy the clutch to match it with your lovley flats :)

Anonymous said…

I'm going to Hong Kong next week inshalla.
Can u plz tell me where I can find this brand?
Thanx ;)
Me Blogging said…
thanx alot for the info
3ad ana kela amer Zara to look for these hidden lovely things that they have.

you can find these shoes in Kawloon (man6iga fi hong kong) in the little shops around the big mall (harbour mall). I am going to write a post about these shops

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