the fourth day is over

This is only one picture of our trip (old camera) when we will get back to Kuwait you will see the rest, right now I'm so tired and I wanna get back to our room now I'm in my brother's room using his laptop. As I told you today we went to Ocean park and it is wai3...can't find a better way to describe it, it's not worth going to, thank god it didn't take us long to gt there, it was only 25 min. by taxi. I don't know why my uncle recommended it "don't miss it" he said , no no no no one should go there. When we got back maybe at 6 pm we went behind the big known brand names and found small boutiques, as I told you before we r searching for local brands, we found some but not that much. We were shocked to find some very known brands hidden in a scary street like for example Dsquared.

Tomorrow we might go to (chinjin) I know spelling is wrong but that's the way they say it.
ta ta see ya later


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