Coffee Republic

On Thursday at work I ordered a sandwich from Coffee Republic (this is my first experience with them) a roast beef sandwich with apple sauce , I hate fruits, I don't even know what apples taste like but to my surprise it turned out to be delicious, I loved the taste of sweet sauce with meet yummmmmy I also loved the wrapping too, the transparent wrap on top of the silver one, nice. I'm definitely gonna order from them college told me they have a sandwich called 3 cheese that is good as well, I will try it tomorrow.
ohh yah I forgot to tell you , you can chose the kind of bread you like with your sandwich, toast , wrap or chapata.
22497230 / 1 Sharq, Darwazat AbdulRazaq, Universal Tower


Unknown said…
waai coffee repulic is sooo my habbaaa these days!... tara they have another branch eb free zone... wai try their nutella hot chocolate EYANNIN... btw tara u can make ur own sandwich ba3ad.. o ba3ad their halloum sandwich YUMMY!!!!!! try it wed3eeli ;)
i can go on and on :p
Me Blogging said…
waayyyy shawagteni

7adiii yo3ana al7een

refejti galatli ena el nutella 7ilo, bes she said the cold drink is better than the hot it?

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