celebrating the arrival of a mobile

On the 22nd of September I have placed an order for my cousin for a mobile phone called (Sidekick 3) in Amazon. The thing is it wasn't sold by Amazon it was sold by another company, so I expected a little delay. I have a mail box in the U.S. provided by u shop we ship, and usaully shipments take 7 to 10 days to arrive to Kuwait. we waited and waited and waited and nothing...where is this mobile? I checked for the package using the tracking number they gave me and it showed that the package was delivered on the second of October. I called u shop we ship to ask about it, they didn't give me any answer, they said they have sent an email to the US and they are waiting for their reply.....2 weeks have passed and nothing happened ....ahhhhhh I couldn't wait no more, I emailed the mobile company and told them to investigate in the situation, they replied after 3 days telling me that they have sent a new mobile, I think the first one got stolen or something ,they didn't say. My cousin keeps calling me everyday asking about it..it has been 2 months now ...

Imagine, just yesterday the mobile was delivered to our home...Finally...I called her and I told her you promissed that once you got it you have to take us out for dinner or something, and she kept her promise, we went to Maki for launch celebrating the arrival of her mobile, we enjoyed our time, thanx N.


Anonymous said…
3aliakom bel-3afia :)
am biggest fan of jabanees food ,especialy Makki ... I wonder what's your order ? ;)
looks delisous "the middle one " and the green beans Hmmmm never thought of trying it !! intersting choice ! :)
Anonymous said…
hi i would like you to review the phone is it good and how is it??? does it support arabic??

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