Another Surprise

Yesterday At 7:30 in the morning on my way to work I was talking to one of my friends Stella thanking her for the gift they gave me last night (printer) when I got to my office I was surprise to find a pink bag on my chair, I turned to my Colleague (I'm gonna call her Sakura coz she loves Japan very very much) she was smiling, ohhh my god,is this from you? I asked, it's too much, she said yes the gift is from my supervisor and I. I kissed and hugged them then rushed to open up my gift and it was a cute round pillow, a really useful thing for that ugly big chair at work.

After 2 to 3 hours while I was working downstairs Sakura called asking me to give her my birthday card so she can pass it to all our colleagues and let them sign on it...I was like !!!! what??? why?? sakura wait for me I'm coming up now...I went back to my office and was looking at her not understanding what she meant by it...why ? Sakura it's fine you don't need to do that and when I turned to my chair to sit down I was startled by another colleague holding a cake in her hand. My GOD you scared me I said to her and she was laughing so hard and telling wishing me a happy birthday ...she was saying : girl 30 is the new 20, enjoy. what I nice surprise. Loved the cake by the way.


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