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couples sleeping with you

I saw this bed sheet a year ago in a magazine and I went crazy over it, I searched the web for it but with no luck , until now, fount it available aon sale at AZITA . Unfortunately it's 2 X 2 meters too large on my bed, but even if I have a big bed I don't think my mum will let 2 people sleep on it ;p click here to order price: KD 92

Sell your photos

Last night I discovered a web site called i stock photo where you can sell your photos online, and it might be published in magazines or on web sites, how cool is that? I spent like 2 hours reading about the process of doing so and what pictures are acceptable and what is not until I fell asleep on my laptop. I didn't upload anything yet, if you are interested go check them out, they are very neat.


Don't buy the Disney digital cameras, remember when I posted about them last week? My uncle's wife bought one for her boy and it was a rip off, the cam. looks cute from the front but when you turn it's back you find a tiny screen that you can't see a thing from it not just because it's small no it's dark, there are things moving but you don't know what to point at !!! and the resolution sucks, the mobiles camera is better than it. see the screen is the size of my thumb nail

Around times square - HK

There is a mall called times squares in Hong Kong that have all the regular shops we know here in Kuwait, like Zara, Massimo dutti...ect. Around this mall, you can find their local brands Finally, there is nothing much coz the trend of this season is bad, we found also some boutiques with luxury brands like Hermes and Dolce and Gabbana !!! wierd. I was asking the sales women : do you have Chanel? sales lady: ohhh nooo we only have Hermes I was like ok :) only Hermes !!!! you know this see by chloe top? it was like KD 20 so I took it right away although I didn't like it the first time I saw the collection A D&G coat around KD 80, I don't know from what season is this coat This is a HK brand called love me me around KD 90 comes with the belt

Salvatore Ferragamo bag

This is a cake made to order in a cafe in Hong Kong

Hong Kong brands - Part 2

Looking for local brands in Hong Kong wasn't easy, no one over there is telling us where are they (don't know why!!!) one day we decided to go behind the big stores (H&M, mark spencer, coach) and by coincidence we found some nice shops, one of them is a shop called Madame Benjie, it has some cool stuff, but they weren't cheap, this blouse cost around KD 35, we couldn't find those KD2 or KD5 clothes that people always talked about, maybe these clothes are available only in Shanghai - China not in HK. P.S: picture taken in my little studio

Meet my friends at work

look they are going to have babies :)

My little studio

I just finished taking some pictures in my little studio It was too hot using the flash light but thank god I got good results I'll show you the pictures in another post

Paint party

Why don't we do a Paint party? where we all paint our faces with weired make-up and stick stuff in our face like feather or crystals, it would be fun to see what girls will come up with. Like what G alliano does in his shows, where you can't recognize the models from all the make-up. Let us try it someday let us be creative.

THANK GOD no one was in there

you won't believe what just happened ... while I was drying my hair in my room I heard my dad's voice in the living room going louder and loader so I closed the blow dryer to hear what was he saying then I heard something fell down hard and then the sound got stronger, like something is exploding or like the ceiling is falling down . My dad opened the door on me telling me everything is alright. What was happening?? why is he telling me that!!!!??? when I went out with the rest of the family we saw this in the bathroom... The glass door of our shower has fallen down nobody knows why we think it might be because of the metal handles that is holding the door was pressuring the glass, so that's why it exploded. Or it just fell and broke Imagine if someone was there at the time, Allhamdila My sister look at me and said: look at yourself, your face is white, were you that scared? I replied : yahhh the sound was too loud I didn't know what was that!!!

My dream bag

I saw this Dolce and Gabbana bag in Hong Kong (sample only to take orders) and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. It's from the summer 2009 collection (fashion show bag) Lusia via roma have it online, Price tag KD 383, but it's Pre-order, meaning that it's not available now, they will receive it later on, 31 of march to be precise.The strange thing is that i saw this bag with 3 chains handle not one like shown in picture. hmmmm should I place an order or should I wait till I see it in dolce's store? MY GOD all of Dolce's bags are breath taking

Four Christmases

I wasn't planning on seeing this movie but my aunt wanted to go to the cinema today so my sister , her daughter and I went with her. I must say it was pretty funny, I expected it to be very very boring coz I really hate Vince Vaughn but he was fine, it is a typical American movie. There were a lot of scenes that have been cut off, so if you don't wanna miss anything get it on DVD, I give it 5 out of 10. My sister hated it, 0 out of 10.

Vibrant colors

All these dresses are from Custo Barcelona I don't know what to chose, I love them all Price: KD34 click here Price: KD 34 click here Price:KD 26 click here

Free TV

I found a new site called Free TV where you can find all your favourite shows and watch them online without the hassle of downloading them from Bit torrent.

Papa in Qurtoba

Papa johns is now in Qurtoba , not in jam3 iya ,in the other building. but I think it's not open yet

Hong Kong brands - Part 1

Got these from Hong Kong, the one with feathers is my sister's and the one with sequin is mine, they are very comfy and very cheap too , they cost like KD 15, maximum 20. I tried looking for the brand (Remarcello) online but I couldn't find it. I only found these 2 sites Santhai & most recent fashion and their pictures are lousy, you can't see anything. I'm gonna keep on looking .


My cousin told me that Wataniya will start selling sidekick mobile very soon, is that true? does anyone knows about this? P.S: picture taken by me :) with my new cam. and lighting

The bears

My sister turned 27 last Sunday , but she didn't celebrate her birthday, all of us at home stopped celebrating our birthdays after we turned 18. anyways on Tuesday when she visited her friend's house she got her a chocolate cake from WOW and added those cute bears on top, it looked amazing, they are so funny with their little arms in the air

Natalie you are on my list

I love Natalie Portman I'm gonna add her to my beautiful girls list wanna know who's on my list? 1- linda evangelista 2- Charlize Theron 3-penelope cruz (she is not beautiful, but she has something in her that attracts you to her) picture from : instyle Natalie Portman wearing a Givenchy haute couture at Cannes


This Beautiful stool is made from 500 balloons by the newly Canadian graduate Natalie Kruch, it will be manufactured by Umbra in toronto- price tag $350 Source: Metropolitan home magazine November 2008

Clever Products

Clever serving products by Graham and Green Saw cake slicer price: KD 10 click to order Shoe tart server price : KD 7 click here to order GmbH