TOPSHOP you are killing me

MY GOD...TOPSHOP what should I buy ?????? I fell in love with 4 AMAZING shoes, and each one of them comes in different colors. The price? ahhhhhh cheap, compared to designer shoes, they are around KD 30 - 35, just what I was looking for (platforms). All of these are available online, still no sign of them in kuwait, I wanna order some but I'm afraid they won't fit me very well. What do you think should I take a chance and get one?

This one comes in green and red

only one color grey (remindes me of chloe)

comes in black too (remindes me of Gucci or Sergio Rossi)

Did you guess which brand this topshop shoes looks like ?

christian louboutin


kAiKa-MGroMa said…

الرمادي ضحكني مادري ليش

بس الباجي وايد حلوين حتى الوانهم

ونطري خل اييبونهم احسن

Flutter&Bumble* said…
just finished reading ur whole blog, mshallaaah waaaaaaaaayed 7ilo! Just recently started mine
wud love to get ur feedback xx N

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