Our Trip to Villa Moda - in Brief

My mum and I went to Villa Moda (free trade zone) to check out the 50% sale, hoping we will find something worth buying. We went in the evening and it wasn't that crowded. we found some lovely pieces, mostly from multi brand section. I would love to go in detail about what we found but I have no time, I have an Italian test tomorrow and I didn't study for it and I have to sleep early too (How I'm going to do that I don't know). Ciao Ragazzi (translation: bye guys)
Dress in picture: Sinha Stanic - price tag (after sale) KD 223


joy said…
malboooos el3afya
ya3alah arda ma talbiseen
so tell me is it worth going
a7es enny 6efa7t ejna6 elseef ma lebast hom lil7een halnoob zzoood
bas really is it worth going to?
Me Blogging said…
:) I didn't buy the dress
it's one of the things that i have tried, i will show u what i bought tomorrow i'm very tired now

and JOY if you really need something from there it's worth going but if u said u have so many that u didn't wear yet then don't go

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