Oula's new paying system

I saw this machine today at Oula's gas station, when I asked the man what was it for? he said it's a machine where you can pay cash or through K-net to fill up car and it will be used after 2 months. There will be no cashiers in booths anymore. I don't know how we, girls are going to use it? are we going to get out of our cars and go pay ? or are we going to give the man that fills the tank the money and he will insert it in the machine?


DoDoq8 said…
اي والله ليكون الهندي بياخذ كرتي وبيدفع لي لووول

بس والله خوش خدمات :)
kAiKa-MGroMa said…
اي مره شغلوا خدمه فكرتها جذي

بس ياخذ البطاقه ويحطها بالجهاز ويحط

المبلغ .. وبس بدون رقم سري .. تطلع

الورقه ويعطيج ياها

fatto said…
والله تطورنا .. على قولتج اشلون راح ندفع احنا البنات !!!!

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