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Lovely Karen Millen Dresses

Today I passed by Karen Millen in Al-Fanar Complex and I couldn't believe the collection of dresses they have. The colors the styles and the material are so amazing, I have to try one of them on, and when I did ... ohhhh it looked perfect , I have put some pictures in here but they don't look good, in reality they are much better with rich colors. You know what else is good? the prices, they are shocking, most of the dresses are around K.D. 80. Without thinking I took the blue dress below . There is another color of this dress but unfortunately they don't have my size, the only ones left are size 14 and 16 (UK) .

you have to go and see them if you have an occasion coming up, If you don't find your size you can always buy online .

The only size left of this shoe is 41, it reminded me of Prada shoes from fall collection 2008 with ruffles.


Anonymous said…
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