Love Lockdown

"Love Lockdown" is a song that I fell in love with the moment I heard it on the radio, the beat is unbelievable. At first I thought it's a techno song, and belongs to some guy I don't know, but when I searcher for it based on the lyrics I was shocked to find out that it is Kanye West's song....MY GOD totally not Kanye. I just saw the video ... too strange, (not safe for work) click here if you wanna watch it, no wait,let me rephrase, YOU HAVE TO SEE IT . but if you hate the video, just close your eyes and enjoy the song.

picture: cover of Kanye's new album


All About Me said…
I love this song. The video is cool, but I guess I am missing the symbolism.

I was looking for something and came accross your site and I liked it, hope you don't mind if I check in here and there.
Me Blogging said…
all about me:
Me too :) could not understand it

and I'm glade you liked my blog, Of course I don't mind you check in here and there ;)
Organic Kuwait said…
i love this blog! i think i will be ur biggest fan!

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