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Our Trip to Villa Moda - in Brief

My mum and I went to Villa Moda (free trade zone) to check out the 50% sale, hoping we will find something worth buying. We went in the evening and it wasn't that crowded . we found some lovely pieces, mostly from multi brand section. I would love to go in detail about what we found but I have no time, I have an Italian test tomorrow and I didn't study for it and I have to sleep early too (How I'm going to do that I don't know). Ciao Ragazzi (translation: bye guys) Dress in picture: Sinha Stanic - price tag (after sale) KD 223


Shuwaikh shop I wanted to write about this place called Westwood Heritage along time ago, but I just forgot about it. They have some beautiful things , most of their furniture is classic, nothing in there is modern. They are located in Shuwaikh , Ghazali street (route 60) and their telephone number is 2475 1237 .They also have another shop in Salwa , but I don't know the address. Salwa shop

Oula's new paying system

I saw this machine today at Oula's gas station, when I asked the man what was it for? he said it's a machine where you can pay cash or through K-net to fill up car and it will be used after 2 months. There will be no cashiers in booths anymore. I don't know how we, girls are going to use it? are we going to get out of our cars and go pay ? or are we going to give the man that fills the tank the money and he will insert it in the machine?

I want

This chandelier looks amazing, from Ikea, K.D. 34 . The balls feels like ping pong balls, I think it was inspired from Zia-Priven design .I would love to buy one but I have no place for it :(

Solid perfume

Since Aramex and U Shop We Ship don't accept liquid stuff then I could order Harajuku Lovers Solid Fragrances instead, I have been waiting for ever for them. The collection cost K.D. 17 ($60) sold in Neiman Marcus. If I hated one of these fragrances I can always give it to my sister ;p

My sister's friend

Remember when I told you that my sister's friend does the same drawings as Nikki Farquharson ? Well my sister took some pictures of their cards (entering/exiting work cards), they are fun to look at .The picture below is for a file she made for my sister.

Bold Colors

I have to try this combination of colors someday

Love Lockdown

"Love Lockdown " is a song that I fell in love with the moment I heard it on the radio, the beat is unbelievable. At first I thought it's a techno song, and belongs to some guy I don't know, but when I searcher for it based on the lyrics I was shocked to find out that it is Kanye West's song....MY GOD totally not Kanye . I just saw the video ... too strange, (not safe for work) click here if you wanna watch it, no wait,let me rephrase, YOU HAVE TO SEE IT . but if you hate the video, just close your eyes and enjoy the song. picture: cover of Kanye's new album

Islamic art

Qatar’s Museum of Islamic Art , unveiled on November 22nd . It is build on an artificial island in the Persian Gulf located just off the sandy shore of Doha.Designed by the 91 year-old Chinese-American architect I.M. Pei, who designed the Louvre pyramid in Paris Islamic art, the museum's focus, is traditionally defined as decorative or sacred items made in Muslim-ruled territories from the rise of the faith in the early 600s through the collapse of the Ottoman empire in the early 1900s.

Mario Bologna

I found Mario Bologna online , the shoe brand that is available in Comfort Shoe in Zahra Complex, the price of the shoe featured is K.D. 141


The Traveller is an amazing wooden sculpture created by Arne Quinze for the opening of the new Louis Vuitton store in Munich Germany and it will stay there till January 2009.

pages from a magazine

Every summer when we start doing our luggage to get back to Kuwait, I sit down and tear up pages of things I like out of magazines I bought on that summer, so I'll just have what I want instead of taking all of the magazines and have extra wight in my bag, but some how I always end up having the heaviest no matter how hard I try. Any way, these are some of the pages I found couple of days ago of photo shoots I liked very much, unfortunately I don't know from which magazine.

Are you going some where ...

Are you going some where in Eid Holiday ? we are going to Hong Kong, if anyone have been there before, please give us names of places we could visit when we get there?


Available at marc by marc jacobs in avenues phase 2 but this one is on sale, it used to cost K.D. 122 but now it's K.D.75 to order click here

Close your eyes

Alexander Mcqueen hot pink shoes are available at browns fashion Price : K.D. 177

modern touch

Modern Narguileh (water pipe) Price K.D. 83 To order one click here

Marc Jacobs new colors

Both are about K.D. 270 for blue click here for red click here

hair style

Picture taken from spanish ELLE magazine december 2008

Car shoe

A salesman in Villa Moda told as that Car Shoe is owned by Prada but we didn't believe him, it turned out he was right , Prada acquired control of Car Shoe in 2001. click here for more information


When I first saw these drawings by the young London-based graphic designer and illustrator Nikki Farquharson I remembered my sister's friend, she does this kind of drawing, she even drew on her colleges time entry cards at work. Sis. if you are reading this please take some nice photos of the cards so I can show them in here. I love her drawings I can never do such a thing, it need a lot of patient.

I thought is was a Bottega

It turned out to be Melie Bianco price: $64 (K.D. 18) sooooo cheap to order click here

I love the glove

It says in NY magazine that a poll have been conducted on more than 700, 96 % said, "Leave the glove-wearing to Michael Jackson," while only 4 % said, "It looks like a fun new fashion trend.But why they didn;t like it ??? I love the glove, It's cool. My mum thought it was a michael jackson thing too, and there is nothing new about it, it didn't accure to me, ohhh well then I'm one of the 4%. source of


I hate cooking, I even hate reading about cooking and recipes but today I came across a blog called Bakerella and I'm about to lick the laptop screen from all the beautiful and vivid pictures it had. you have to see it. These look like Crumbs mini cakes, now you can do them yourself. Also while reading older posts I discovered why she has such amazing photos click here

Prada's new mobile

Prada's second mobile phone will hit the UK today it will also be available in Italy, France, Germany, Spain and Netherlands, with a starting price of 600 euros ( Approx . K.D. 205) for more information on the mobile's feature and design click here source of image: Ad from spanish ELLE magazine december

Lovely Karen Millen Dresses

Today I passed by Karen Millen in Al- Fanar Complex and I couldn't believe the collection of dresses they have. The colors the styles and the material are so amazing, I have to try one of them on, and when I did ... ohhhh it looked perfect , I have put some pictures in here but they don't look good, in reality they are much better with rich colors. You know what else is good? the prices, they are shocking, most of the dresses are around K.D. 80. Without thinking I took the blue dress below . There is another color of this dress but unfortunately they don't have my size, the only ones left are size 14 and 16 (UK) . you have to go and see them if you have an occasion coming up, If you don't find your size you can always buy online . The only size left of this shoe is 41, it reminded me of Prada shoes from fall collection 2008 with ruffles.


This building in the picture is the world’s first Lamborghini concept building, Where? where else ? in Dubai of course. It consist of 19 floors containing 97 apartments, these luxury apartments have views on the golf course and hub canal of Dubai Sports City. The project will be completed on the end of 2009. Owners of the apartments can define their own space, Lamborghini interior, layout and design to compliment and reflect their taste, personality and status. for more information CLICK HERE

Jenny's hair

Have anyone seen Gossip Girl episode 9? where Jenny (Taylor Momsen) appeared with her amazing hair style? If not here are some pictures of her from the show, it looks so trendy, I have to try it someday.I looked for closer shoot of her on the web but didn't find any so I shoot her myself, so please ex use me for the bad photos, but at least you can see what I'm talking about. Since I don't have a head band like the one she wore, so I searched Etsy for something similar and this is what I got... Feather Band Coco boudoir Brenda's Bridal Veils Pink tiger Den House of Telsa Kanka in hats GmbH